How did we prepare for this trip?

Although our preparation was extensive, we were determined not to set a rigid agenda for the trip itself.

It took us about a year to get the Land Rover set up the way we wanted it, safe and comfortable. We have a roof-tent, fridge, split-system batteries, a photovoltaic panel, additional security, long-range fuel and water tanks, water filtration, specialist suspension, a compressor, storage, comfortable heated seats, a roll cage, etc (see the thumbnails on the ‘car & camp kit‘ page).

Regarding paperwork, we have obtained duplicate passports (to be able to send one copy off for visa application), a Carnet for the car, International Driving Permits, etc. Comprehensive car insurance for Africa is all but impossible (or is exorbitant) so we buy 3rd-party insurance locally at the individual borders within Africa (compulsory in most cases). Most of the multitude of visas we need can be obtained in the UK. However, since we are travelling by car, they would nearly all expire before we could get to where we can use them. Therefore we always have to buy them on-route.

Emergency Evacuation medical insurance is vital but, again, exorbitantly expensive. I don’t suppose it helps that since we are both over 50 (in body, if not in spirit) insurance companies consider a couple of wrinklies like us as a bad risk, and at death’s door anyway! World Nomads has proven to be the most practical and cost-effective.

We had some off-road driving training in the UK & taken an Emergency Medical course (as well as having numerous inoculations for just about every disease known to man).

For any overlanders or enthusiasts looking for more specific information, see the ‘sub-tabs’ regarding paperwork, car & camp kit, navigation, insurance etc accessible from the main tab for this page in the menu bar.