who are we

  • We are Helene & Scott Cable from Surrey, England. We have a 25 year old beautiful daughter (Charlie) a comfortable (but not extravagant) life; families made up of the usual ‘assortment’ of characters & personalities; and a small group of excellent, close friends.We have both worked in the commercial Construction Management industry for many years – Helene as an interior designer & Scott as a Project Manager.

    Despite being by far the more artistic, Helene has also always been the more practical of the two of us. Scott has spent years pretending to be a responsible businessman but has always been the more likely to say ‘what the hell – let’s just do it’.

    We have a relationship of shared decision-making. Scott makes all the really big decisions: Helene makes all the others. Fortunately, in 27 years, Scott’s expertise hasn’t been called upon yet.

    After many years of ‘room service’ style travelling, 6-7 years ago Helene finally managed to get us both on a camping holiday.

    Since then, fully bitten by the outdoor living bug, we’ve graduated from full-service campsites to Alpine & Pyrenean simplicity and remote Moroccan / Western Sahara wild-camping.

    We’re certainly not experienced explorers, but we are both adventurous. Whilst we like the good life occasionally, we have simple tastes, open minds, a desire to travel and (without being ‘evangelical’ about it) a wish to do something positive within communities we encounter who may perhaps be less fortunate than ourselves.

    We’ve created this site primarily so that the family, friends and people we will miss most can keep up to date with what we’re doing. However, we will be posting information regularly on our Home page regarding border issues, visas, travel activities, etc which may be of some use to other overlanders either on the road or planning a trip (we learnt a huge amount from the blogs of others whilst putting our own plans together).