where are we going

The short answer is Africa.

Our goal is to travel as much of Eastern, Southern and Western Africa as possible (and practical)Our plan is to go to places that would be too far to visit & experience in detail while we have jobs, and perhaps too rugged to go to when we’re old. Not to try to see everything. To travel slowly but thoroughly. To have a plan to guide us – but not to let an itinerary tie us down.

If we like a place, we’ll stay a while and get to know it – meeting locals and generally living as close to the local way as we can.

Eastern Africa: Gentle mountain gorillas, stampeding wildebeest, snowcapped peaks, paradise beaches, simple lifestyles and an amazing array of tribal cultures.

Western Africa: From steamy tropical forests to the quiet isolation of the desert regions: areas peopled by many distinct groups, held together by a sense of tribe, culture and music.

Southern Africa: An incredibly colourful and powerful array of wild animals & landscapes, peppered with ancient cultures and a craft scene that rivals anything on the continent.

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