Want double Easter-Eggs?

If you had Easter-eggs in the UK on 30th March, you could have doubled-up today in Cyprus.

Today is Easter Sunday in Cyprus (5 weeks after Easter in the UK!).
Any idiot knows when Easter is each year.
The Council of Nicaea (now Turkey) decided in 325AD that it’s…
…. the first Sunday on (or after)
…. the first full moon, on (or after)
…. the Vernal (Spring, you idiots) equinox.

Any idiot knows that. Now you (and I) know it too.
…. western Christians use the Gregorian Callander, and Eastern (‘Orthodox’) Christians use the less accurate Julian calendar (which has a different opinion regarding when the first full moon after the equinox appears).
THEREFORE, our Easters’ coincide every few years, but most years are at least are a few weeks out.
The next years they will coincide are 2014, 2017 & 2034.
The next time they will be so far apart in the ‘Orthodox’ world will be 2024.
So, between now and then, enjoy Easter in the UK and then get your arse out to Greece / Turkey / etc and double-up on the eggs a week (or four) later!