Sweet Nutcracker

We’ve been looked after very well since arriving in Cyprus.
Staying in Caroline & Phil’s apartment in Anarita, we’ve been out for drinks and dinner a couple of times with Ann & Stu (a local couple who look after a number of properties out here for a varied bunch of ex-pats).
Ann’s clearly the brains of the outfit – but can be a bit of a nut-cracker as far as Stu is concerned.

Above, she’s trying to crush Pecan nuts in her fists at Mike’s Bar in the village. Mike grows them at home and the standing bet is that if you can open one in one hand (un-aided) the drinks are free.
None of us could. (The trick is to put 2 into your hand and crush one against the other.)
Stu, on the other hand does a lot of small building / maintenance projects around the Anarita area. He has ambitions to take on some larger scale schemes and has recently (quite vocally) expressed some interest in a local road-building / roundabout scheme that he believes would benefit from his experience.

We had a really good day with them recently up in the Troodhos Mountains at a small monastery town called Omodhos.